Coastal Blueberry


Coastal Blueberry

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Type: Photoperiod, Regular seeds
Genetics: Hybrid
Lineage: BX1 F2 of Fraser Valley Blueberry Hashplant x Dr. Atomic Blueberry Northern Lights
Environment: Does well indoors and out at 49N and lower
Flowering Time: Most will finish in the 56-day window of 12/12

Notes: Coastal Blueberry – The parent seeds were gifted to me by a long-time grower from the Sunshine Coast, BC. He has gone by Rykus on Icmag and Coastal at z-labs, and the reason for the name of this line… the Coastal Blueberry. I have been working with these seeds for a few years, pheno hunting and stress testing plants in winter and indoors, and trials with the offspring of my pollinations in the summer amongst a dedicated but offline group of testers. Currently, grows can be found on Over Grow as there was a giveaway and auction ahead of the official release.

Expect sticky stem rubs and the beautiful aromas of ripe blueberries and syrup. An excellent example of old-school British Columbia Blueberry hash plants. A great daytime smoke, although some phenos can pack a real punch! Enjoy!


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