Breeder Spotlight – On Top Of The World Genetics

How high can i get you?

On Top Of The World

I started in a small tent in my garage when I bought my first house. My love for cannabis grew as I grew it, leading me to start OTOTW Genetics, named after my late brother, and my dream is to answer the phone with his famous greeting, “On top of the world, how high can I get you?”. I was frustrated by the high prices of cannabis seeds and the focus on high THC percentages. I’m passionate about preserving old landrace cultivars and lost cannabinoids and terpenes. My breeding involves crossing proven quality genetics, and I’ve gained recognition worldwide. I aim to make top-notch genetics affordable for anyone, regardless of background. I support my family through this work, putting my all into it; I hope this passion and dedication shine in your grow rooms.

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