Breeder Spotlight – DUO Grows

Duo Grows

🌿 Welcome to the wild and whimsical world of Duo, a West Coast wizard with a green thumb and a heart full of plant-powered passion! 🌲

Raised under the gentle rain of the Pacific Northwest, Duo’s love affair with nature started early – a childhood surrounded by lush landscapes, towering trees, and the sweet scent of freedom in the air.

When the storm of COVID hit, and life threw lemons, Duo planted seeds – not just any seeds, but a generous gift of OG Kush seeds from a local friend. In the humble abode of a 3×3 tent, a horticultural journey began, a tale of resilience and buds that spark joy in the darkest times.

But Duo’s green journey didn’t stop there. Armed with a pack of Barbara Bud from the neighborhood dispensary, our botanical maestro delved into the art of breeding, creating unique crosses that danced to the rhythm of innovation and experimentation.

Venturing online, Duo found a community on a message board – a virtual watering hole for kindred spirits who shared the same leafy language. It was here that connections sprouted, friendships blossomed, and Duo found an Insta-fam of fellow cultivators, including the illustrious Ris from Together, they embarked on a journey of sharing knowledge, swapping stories, and cultivating a community rooted in passion.

Now, as the green tapestry of Duo’s life continues to unfold, the Instagram garden flourishes with videos and pictures, capturing the essence of growth, camaraderie, and the occasional dance with a pot-plant partner.

So, join Duo on this horticultural rollercoaster, where each leaf tells a story, and every bloom is a testament to resilience and the pursuit of green dreams.